We are honored to have received such critical acclaim over our 25 year history. We encourage you to explore the numerous reviews and awards that beautifully articulate the impact a REL subwoofer has on the listener's experience.


G-1 Editor's Choice, The Absolute Sound
G-1 Home Cinema Choice
G-2 Tone Audio
G-2 Hi-Fi+

Serie S

212/SE AVTech Media Best Subwoofer of 2015/16, Hi-Fi Choice
212/SE Best Buy Award, Home Cinema Choice
212/SE Outstanding Overall Performance Award, Super AV (China
S/5 Best Subwoofer of 2015, Sound + Image
S/5 Best Buy Award, Home Cinema Choice
S/3 Hi-Fi+
S/3-SHO Best Buy Award, Home Cinema Choice
S/3-SHO AVTech Media Best Subwoofer of 2016/17, Hi-Fi Choice
S/2 HiFi Choice Recommended

Serie T/i

T/9i Highly Recommended, Hi-Fi+
T/9i Subwoofer Of The Year, Hi-Fi+
T/7i The Absolute Sound


T-Zero HiFi+
Habitat1 Home Cinema Choice
Habitat1 Hifi+

Reviews & Awards Archive

Serie B

B-1 Home Cinema Choice
B-2 HiFi News
B-2 Tone Audio
B-2 The Absolute Sound
B-3 The Absolute Sound

Serie R

R-528SE The Absolute Sound
R-505 HiFi News
R-505 Home Cinema Choice
R-505 What HiFi
R- 328 SoundStage Network
R-328 / HiFi+
R-305 Six Moons
R-305 HiFi Choice
R-305 Home Cinema Choice
R-305 The Absolute Sound
R-218 HiFi+
R-218 Editor’s Choice, The Absolute Sound
R-218 The Absolute Sound
R-205 What Home Cinema
R-Series Home Entertainment & Design
R-Series Electronic House

Serie T

T-9 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
T-9 Audio Video Magazine
T-7 Home Cinema Choice
T-7 AV Forums
T-7 Home Theater Review
T-5 Editor’s Choice, The Absolute Sound
T-5 Home Cinema Choice
T-5 The Absolute Sound
T-5 Home Theater Magazine
T-3 Home Theater Magazine
T-2 The Absolute Sound
T-2 Home Cinema
T-1 Sound & Vision
T-1 HiFi News
T-1 Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award
T-1 HiFi Choice
T-1 Home Cinema Choice
Serie T Home Theater Magazine


Stentor III Home Cinema Choice
Stadium III The Absolute Sound
Studio III Stereophile