Reference Series

No.32 and No.31 represent the pinnacle in subwoofer design and engineering. The absolute maximum in power, finesse and beauty on offer.

The Pinnacle

Our Reference subwoofers allow us the opportunity to pursue the perfect reproduction of sound, while letting nothing get in our way. Our designers and engineers can dream big and take huge leaps in innovation. The result is truly reference level subwoofers that can extend the soundstage of the most renowned speakers and systems, bringing incredible clarity to the mid-tones in perfect synchronicity.

Meet Reference Series


Our Reference Series marks a new standard in cabinet execution, merging physical beauty with functionally elegant components. The shape of these subwoofers is designed to handle the force required to meet your music or film’s demands. Reference Series is built to produce clear, purposeful bass that strides into a room with tremendous energy and clarity.


Offering a thorough exposition in the art of rendering sub bass with great deftness in tonality, expression, and dynamics, Reference Series brings to life the contrast between loud and soft passages with unparalleled dynamics. Experience the legendary REL sound that has nearly become an addiction for owners of our subwoofers.


Your relationship with Reference Series begins by picking up the remote. The heft and thoughtful contours fit gently in the cup of your hand, offering the first touchpoint of a carefully wrought system. No detail has been overlooked, encouraging the sort of finely detailed decisions necessary to achieve the perfect balance of settings for the ultimate user experience.