T/5i & Tzero Comparison

What Speakers Are Best To Use With These Compact Subwoofers


Hey, John Hunter from REL here, one of the questions that we get fairly frequently is customers trying to make a decision between our Tzero and the T/5i. The Tzero is probably best thought of as something that works brilliantly in a small study, perhaps an office at home. Think of a room that is perhaps 10 foot by 15 foot, 12 foot by 15, not a full size living room.


T/5i on the other hand was designed with bigger drivers, much more powerful amplifiers, and it’s designed to drive sort of a normal, if you will, a household living room. When you hear a T/5i, it will fill out a 16 by 20 foot room easily, and even if you’ve got an open floor plan like I do in our house, it seems to handle it just fine. Whereas the Tzero would be struggling a little bit in that exact same venue. Also, the sorts of speakers that you’d want to pair them up with.


For the Tzero, smaller quicker say five 5 1/4 inch 2 ways that really don’t produce deep bass will actually benefit from the Tzero’s ability to go up higher into the middle and upper base regions and get a really good seamless handoff. The bigger and more extensive you make a subwoofers bottom end typically the less reach it has. The T/5i is probably best thought of for things like big 5 ¼ inch, with larger cabinets, 6 1/2 inch two ways and up.

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June 18, 2020 - Posted in: Sound Insights, Videos