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How To Tune Your Rel Video Series

Learn How To Optimize Your Rel The Same Way The Pros Do It

We wanted to add yet another channel of support so we’ve quietly been putting together a video series for How to Tune a REL powered subwoofer for both 2 Channel Stereo and Home Theater. The visuals should make it easier to understand the process of optimizing a REL with your system. We’ve broken the Tuning Series into two groups How to Tune a Rel Using the High or Low Level Input and How to Tune a Rel for Theater Applications. Check out the videos below.
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High and Low Level Tuning:

Step 1. Finding the Correct Phase


Step 2. Adjusting Corner Placement


Step 3. Adjusting Orientation


Step 4. Fine Tuning the Crossover and Volume


How to Tune a Stereo Pair of Rels

Theater Tuning:

What is the LFE Input and When To Use the LFE Input?


Home Theater Tuning


Room Correction and Auto Set-Up Tips


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November 16, 2017 - Posted in: Connectivity, News