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"it’s effortless, with no seeming
limit to its low-end extension"

-Adam Rayner

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Building A REL 3D System - Pairing Serie HT With Additional RELs

Before we jump into today’s topic, adding a model HT to an existing REL system, it seems useful to clearly identify what HT is designed to do and what it is not designed to do. HT is designed explicitly to provide the kind of gut thumping, foundation-rattling explosive dynamics necessary for state of the art home theater. And at budget pricing. Is it a replacement for our traditional offerings? Not at all. By concentrating on one specific performance attribute – high output home theater – it allows us to deliver exactly what that genre (the .1 effects channel that digital home theater demands) at a far lower cost than if we were to deliver all the various facets of excellent performance that RELs have traditionally offered. If REL has traditionally offered the all-around performance of a high end European sports car, the HT is a nitro-fueled big block dragster. Sometimes you show up at a racetrack and you need a dragster. For those of us who know and love RELs, inviting HT into the fold can seem at times like we are being asked to embrace some non-REL virtues. REL devotees may worry that by embracing HT, REL might abandon its strengths. Relax, in HT, we’ve delivered narrow-focus pure high output theatre subwoofers precisely by highlighting traditional REL values and approaches: light weight, maximum stiffness, and fast attack. The CarbonGlas™ drivers we developed are masterpieces of cost-effective, lightweight, stiff and well-damped dollops of sheer REL-ness. Where traditional theater woofers can wallow around like water buffalo in a mud hole, HT replaces this with a vivacious swagger that is the essence of professional theater-grade bass.

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Our Purpose

We make subwoofers. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it. Each day we come in to work in pursuit of only one intention, to produce the most raw, perfect, pure sound possible, to capture the raw intention of the artist. We use the best quality materials, employ the most exacting construction requirements. We think of the problem holistically. We pursue the chase of the perfect experience of sound with an obsessive passion and vigor. We do it because we love sound. We believe sound can move people more than any other sense. We believe it’s the integration of the bass via the perfect subwoofer that makes everything else better. And, ultimately, there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from doing this well, creating something of unique quality, such that you know it is going to inspire. It makes the hard work and the obsessing over each and every detail worth all the effort. That’s our reward.

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