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Parsing Reference: The Very Good, The Great, and the OMG!

Perhaps the most common advice calls we receive from our high-end dealers have to do with requests for guidance among our highest end models. These calls usually follow a certain pattern, “I have a really good customer that I’ve been working with for years and he wants to get a pair of RELs and he’s not sure which one to settle on between the G1 MKII and the No. 25.” The details vary, sometimes it’s between the 212/SE and the G-1 MKII’s, but the issue remains the same: Once a client has determined that they are ready for one of our top models, how does one narrow it down to the perfect recommendation? This short article can’t possibly answer that question for every instance, but it should begin to provide real clarity on which direction you should be thinking of when it comes to upgrading your own needs. So, let’s jump in and look at the three models and what they are intended to deliver; then we can look at an example or two and see how this can be applied.

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