T/9i RED Ltd. Edition Product Overview


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John Hunter with REL here, we have something that is just a pure fun passion based product. This has nothing to do with anything other than building something that looks really, really cool, and we wanted to do it. 

So what we have here is a T/9i. It’s one of our bestselling pieces ever. It’s a 300 watt amp. Really big, fast forward firing 10 inch and a matching 10 inch down firing. All of that remains. They’re bulletproof. There are tens of thousands of them out there, and we just had to paint it in real, um oops, I almost said the name.


The red that a certain very famous Italian car company produces. This was supposed to be a quick fun, hey, how long could it take? A month? Two months to just do all the fun design elements?

I was just talking with our CEO. I believe it was 14 months from start to finish to get this red to read exactly like it does on the car, on an MDF cabinet.


So we just had to turn you around and let you see the back of this thing.┬áThe navy blue and silver just pop against the red. And, as always, we offer this wonderful input. We’ve got an arrow connector back here. This is a DB nine locking connector that allow our wireless systems to work beautifully with these. They literally plug in and snug down so they can’t fall or chatter out, which is kind of an important consideration when you’re dealing with sub-bass that’s moving tons and tons of air. This is a zero compression wireless option. That’s available on the T/9i and it’s of course, available for the T/9i RED as well.


It’s just an absolutely beautiful riot for the senses. You’ve got a carbon fibre bezel that surrounds a real T3 stainless steel polished badge. Beautiful little detailing around the outside of the piece. We have carbon fibre sleeves that go over the normal aluminum feet that are still big, heavy, extruded and cast and all that good stuff, but this red is so magnificent. Everybody who sees it just wants to own one, and a word on that. 


Do not mess about if you want one of these, buy it or buy two of them. They will not be here for long. This is a one and done deal.

November 2, 2020 - Posted in: Product Videos