Serie S

Serie S combines a higher performance level than we have ever set out to deliver within our mid-level range, able to elevate higher-end systems in medium to large rooms.

Sound & Beauty

Holistic Design & Engineering

When we began designing Serie S, we set out, quite literally, to revolutionize subwoofers. We developed ultra-lightweight and extremely rigid Continuous Cast™ alloy cones for power and crisp clarity. We leveraged passive drivers to extend the scale beyond the cabinet size. We developed zero-compression wireless for freedom of placement. Airship wireless finally allows the final barriers between performance, placement and attractive room design to be replaced by a newfound freedom. We encourage you to experience the sound and beauty of Serie S, it will change the way you hear music and experience theater.

Meet Serie S

Sound Beyond It’s Size

Change the way you hear music and experience theater. Serie S represents the purest intersection of performance, power, and grace for which REL is known. Serie S subwoofers will elevate higher-end systems located in medium to large rooms.

Sound And Beauty

With lavish touches like polished stainless steel handles on the cabinet sidewalls and bespoke carbon fibre components, Serie S embodies classic, understated design elements REL is known for. Serie S subwoofers have the unique ability to add elegance to any room.

Zero Compression Wireless

Airship™ is our newest state of the art zero compression wireless connection for use with the latest Serie S and many more RELs to come. Our goal with this design is to wirelessly deliver a hardwired quality connection.

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Over the years, we have perfected the craft of creating the best powered subwoofer for home. You’ll be sure to find the perfect subwoofer proportional to your home theater system and room size.

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