The Most Common Mistake We See

Buying a Tzero MKIII Instead of a T/5x


The below text is a transcription of the video.

Hey there, John Hunter here. We get people who consistently underbuy RELs. Let me explain that. We’re really proud of our Tzero MKIII and the T/5x. There’s a great pieces for slightly better than entry level systems. What we find though, and this is oftentimes the people new to it, and they oftentimes have actually already invested in a real system. They’ve got a good pair of five to $10,000 speakers. They’ve got a really high quality integrated amp, they’ve got a good DAX streamer, they’ve got good cables. They’re there. And then it’s like the stylist scratches across the record. What? And they will come in on something like an Amazon store or to one of our e-tailers. And without asking anybody anything, without checking our website, where we give specific guidance on a lot of the best speakers out there, they make the decision that they’re going to buy a Tzero MKIII and the T/5x.

And some of this is so far off the hook that it’s hard to believe. I remember the guy that wrote into us on Zendesk. We have a contact us at piece that’s assembled around Zendesk and he was in high dungeon with me. Mr. Hunter, I’ve watched many of your videos and I have to say I disagree violently with the contention that your subs keep up with these speakers. I’m thinking, what speakers does he have? So I read on, he had a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 802 D2s. It was a few years ago. A $20,000 speaker, a 20,000 pound speaker, and in a room that was roughly 35 by 24 with 11 foot ceilings. And he was in high dungeon because our then smallest subwoofer couldn’t keep up with what was ultimately a $75,000 system in about a 12,000 square foot room.

What is he thinking? Not 12,000, sorry, 7,000 cubic foot room. He’s nuts. So I don’t understand where the disconnect is there. These are fantastic things. If you’ve got a little $2000-2500, 2000 to 3000 pound pair of high quality stand mounted monitors, fantastic. You’ll be in love. It does a great thing. Medium sized room, not a ginormous room. You’re gonna love what a T/5X does. In a smaller room, yet again, the Tzero. There are all kinds of people who have a small flat, they have a good, inexpensive pair of speakers, you know, a very modest system. You know, one of the things that we love to pair because they outperform most speakers up at $700 or $800 is project audio’s little speaker box fives. They’re some that are in the neighborhood of 400 Euro, $400. They’re amazing, natural, beautiful. They throw a lovely sound stage and you drop a Tzero MKIII underneath that, unbelievable. I’ve shown that to many, many friends, who think they can’t afford this stuff. But please, if you’re building up a system of significance, don’t make the mistake of judging us because you mis-purchased a piece that was never intended for you or anybody like you. Right? Please go on the website, check out our speaker pairing, subwoofer pairing tool. And by all means, if you don’t see your speakers or you disagree or you have questions, if I’m gonna be using it with theater analysts, call us. There is nobody that answers a phone at REL who will try and upsell you. You’re not gonna get that guy or that gal and they know exactly how to walk somebody through and help you decode your room issues and your system matching issues. But don’t make the mistake of dramatically under purchasing and then returning it and going, well, I guess that didn’t work for me. Of course it didn’t. It wasn’t intended to.

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October 18, 2023 - Posted in: Sound Insights