How HT-Air MKII Fits Into Lineup

Perfect Fit for Serie HT or Any Sub Connected Only RCA


The below text is a transcription of the video.

So just to help you understand where the HT- Air falls within our range. By the way, the quality in all these is exceptional. So there’s not going to be a huge step off between this and the next one up, but this is actually the baby in our line. The HT- Air is going to sell for something under 150 pounds, dollars, hopefully euro, and it’s really intended to get you either wireless two channel or a 0.1 LFE to a location that may be uncomfortable or difficult to work with. Above this, we make the arrow, which is a phenomenal piece that is bespoke and dedicated physically only to the Series TXs. Those have a plug-in socket. They match the same socket that’s on the arrow. And above that, we have our state-of-the-art Airship II. That is a piece designed to do everything that’s needed, for example, for a reference or a Serie S sub that will do high level, low level, and 0.1 LFE.

And the way that most people use them, especially the refs, this tend to get used in high and two channel only. So those will get hooked up with the high level connection. But if you’re using them in theater, which a lot of the Serie S’s do, you connect to both high level and 0.1. We handle everything on that one. We do our own A to D and D to A encoding and decoding. It’s all done with individual chips. It’s a really, really expensively rot piece. So that’s our flagship. Then the arrow, and this for us is our baby. And even at a price that’s remarkable. The fit, the finish, the attention to detail is extraordinary on this. It’s a great piece. 5.8 gigahertz, all singing, all dancing. This is an amazing piece for not a lot of money.

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September 20, 2023 - Posted in: Sound Insights