Why Do You Make Only Black and White Subwoofers?

Hi, John Hunter from REL here, we get asked occasionally, why is it you guys only make black and white. and to expand that we actually get asked, why do you guys make white woofers as well as black. We’ll tackle that one in reverse order.

Unless you can say in all honesty that your walls are painted piano black lacquer, we make white woofers because they’re all kinds of environments at home where what you’re relating to is the off-white baseboards along the wall the beautiful, soft pastel tones of the wall paint or the plaster that you’re going up against in an environment like that

white can be really quite a nice relief. The reason that so many people automatically buy black subwoofers is they train themselves to think that if my speakers are black, I need to do them in black. Now there are all kinds of really good reasons to do a black subwoofer that really are kind of the exact inverse in terms of decor of the example

I just gave you where white was going to be a much better look. If you’ve got Tuscan tones, for example, beautiful dark ochres and browns is from really rich sumptuous palette you don’t want to have a white subwoofer. It’s just too jarring. It’s popping off against a very dark saturated background. So plenty of reasons to go black, but start thinking of it as more your decision as a designer, how you want that room to look and feel right down to your choice of subwoofer color.

And then it becomes very, very. simple your speakers may be 3, 4, 6 feet away, a couple of meters away from your subwoofer in a large room. So having them directly relate is much less important than having it actually fit aesthetically into the overall decor.

August 12, 2021 - Posted in: Sound Insights, Videos