How To Tune A Subwoofer

Learn How To Optimize Your Rel The Same Way The Pros Do It

We wanted to add yet another channel of support so we’ve quietly been putting together a video series for How to Tune a REL powered subwoofer for both 2 Channel Stereo and Home Theater. The visuals should make it easier to understand the process of optimizing a REL with your system. We’ve broken the Tuning Series into two groups How to Tune a Rel Using the High or Low Level Input and How to Tune a Rel for Theater Applications. Check out the videos below.
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High and Low Level Tuning:

Step 1. Finding the Correct Phase


Step 2. Adjusting Corner Placement


Step 3. Adjusting Orientation


Step 4. Fine Tuning the Crossover and Volume


How to Tune a Stereo Pair of Rels

Theater Tuning:

What is the LFE Input and When To Use the LFE Input?


Home Theater Tuning


Room Correction and Auto Set-Up Tips


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November 16, 2017 - Posted in: How-To, Tuning Guides