Connecting Your REL LFE: A Simple Guide to Optimal Performance

Connecting LFE/.1 (Home Theater)

When should I use the LFE/.1 input on my REL?

Updated September 19th, 2021

Learn How To Connect Your REL Like a Pro

You should use the LFE/.1 input any time a REL subwoofer is being used in a Home Theater system. The Subwoofer/LFE/.1 output from the processor or receiver should be connected to the .1/LFE INPUT and appropriate volume adjustments made using the .1/LFE level control. Make sure you set your speakers to “Large” or “Full Range” to receive the full benefits of the High Level connection coupled with the LFE/.1 connection. In this configuration, the REL provides support for both the left and right speakers for two-channel listening, and support for the LFE when movies are playing. Most processors will allow you to defeat the subwoofer output when listening in the two-channel mode. The effect of this set-up is one of greatly increased dynamics in the mid-bass range, no bass bloat, and a greater degree of space and timing from the special audio effects. For an even greater sense of space and impact, a second REL connected in parallel to the centre channel will prove to be a dramatic improvement as well. And if that is not enough fun, a rear REL, both to support the rear channel speakers as well as to evenly distribute LFE through the room, truly completes the full-range sonic picture for state-of-the-art film reproduction.

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