R-218 is the entry point to Serie R; faster, cleaner and crisper than lesser subs, R-218 can play plenty loud, but always retains a clarity and speed befitting higher quality loudspeakers with which it is likely to be paired. With R-218, we made a conscious decision to eliminate all unnecessary elements in the interest of producing an ideal blend of form and function, which matches perfectly with European monitor-style speakers. For those needing greater power and scale than this, we offer the R-328 and R-528 models, but R-218 is a beautiful solution for those who prize speed and balance above all else.

Serie R-218 is exquisitely crafted, grounded by a thick billet backplane milled from 6mm T-6063 aerospace grade aluminium. This backplane doubles as a heatsink, thereby eliminating an external heatsink, resulting in a cleaner, more modern construct. Naturally a full REL connectivity suite is featured using high quality gold rca’s, Speak-on High Level Input and separate .1 inputs. R-218 provides independent volume for both high-level as well as .1 for perfect home theater reproduction.

R-218 features a next generation Class D amp capable of great speed and high current while keeping power consumption low when not in use. At 250W, and high current delivery R-218’s amplifier is capable of excellent dynamics and intonation in medium-sized systems.

One of REL’s secrets is embedded within our input and filter boards. These are so secret that even now, every unit is encased within an impregnable compound that ensures destruction of critical components if disturbed. These simple, direct circuits allow all the speed and transparency of bass that REL’s are famous for. And we cross over as low as 25Hz, ensuring the ability to blend perfectly under even very sophisticated speakers. A chameleon in its seamlessness, R-218 blends almost invisibly with fast, yet bass-limited speakers while looking superb.

In order to achieve the best value relationship possible, we elected to use a stamped frame, but went with expensive cone and voice coil structures that its richer siblings enjoy. R-218 receives the same high quality hand thrown air-dried cones that require almost a week to produce, and a full 4-layer voice coil that avoids saturation allowing R-218 to play remarkably robustly for hours if need be.