Pairing Perfection – Part 2

More about connecting RELs to Balanced Differential Monobocks Than You Ever Wanted To Know

Balanced Differential monoblocks differ considerably from common single ended mono block amps and these differences can have important consequences when it comes to connecting RELs to your mono blocks. Get it wrong and you could be chasing ground loop-induced hu

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Best Subwoofer 2015/16

212/SE named Best Subwoofer 2015/16 by Home Cinema Choice, Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi News & Review

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Pairing Perfection – Part 1

Dual RELs, With Common Ground  Mono Block Amplifiers

One of the more interesting questions we are asked with increasing frequency is using REL(s) in high end 2-channel systems with mono block power amplifiers. –For those of you in a hurry, the answer is simple; if you are using mono block amplifiers, use 2 RELs–1 per channel. Doing anything l…

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Tzero & Sonos – A connectivity Update

The educational piece we did on matching the all-new T/i models (all fine with the classic REL high level connection, even when the Sonos goes to sleep) with Sonos CONNECT:AMPTM generated amazing feedback and requests for more of the same. The obvious item to circle back around to is the Tzero which, at an SRP of £299, is an ideal mate to the CONNECT:AMP.

The el…

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