Bassline Blue


The special and unique characteristics of our filter board are known only to our engineers and within this circuit lies the key to designing cables optimized for REL Sub Bass Systems. Available in 3M, 6M, and 10M lengths. Naim amplifier compatible Bassline Blue cables available in 3M and 6M lengths.

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Sound illuminated

The ultimate upgrade

Bassline Blue™ is a sensibly-dimensioned cable, well-constructed so that it will improve the overall sound of every aspect of the host system’s performance. As with any REL product—the improvement extends well beyond the obvious bass region. The greatest area of improvement lies in the manner in which the entire soundstage is illuminated. This is a quality quite different from brightness. Illumination acts to bring light into the stage and renders contrast and clarity as well as dynamic shadings much more evident.

What’s In a NAIM? These same benefits are available to most NAIM owners—especially the older, classic models. These units feature an unusual output impedance that is quite complex. REL worked closely with NAIM engineers to model this behavior and arrived at a special circuit built into each NAIM cable that replicates this impedance so that it is safe to run Bassline Blue on early NAIMs. We even sourced a wonderful stackable banana plug that makes it so easy to use the cables, just plug them in to NAIM’s flush-mounted chassis banana sockets and then plug your speaker cables directly into the rear of our stackable banana plug.

Natural Drawn Copper

Quality born from system thinking

Beyond optimizing the geometry of the internal lay of the cable, we also employ copper that exceeds industry practices and is of a quality and type generally specified for military use and high speed telecommunications. Bassline Blue is constructed of slow-drawn, high purity copper, drawn in a nitrogen bath to minimize impurities on the surface of the wire. Each individual conductor is coated in a Teflon film immediately upon leaving the extrusion die to ensure that impurities cannot impinge on the cable while awaiting further processing. This technique produces a sound that is exceptionally pure and natural which we term Natural DrawnTM wire. Bassline Blue is hand constructed at our California facility using cable produced exclusively to REL’s specification by a North American OEM wire and cable house. Construction is quite labor intensive and can require up to one hour per cable. We use pure silver solder for all connections which ensures not just high quality sound, but also as the cable ages and oxidation sets in sonic degradation should be nil due to the conductive properties of pure silver.

Connect Like Never Before

High Level = High Performance

REL employ Swiss-made Neutrik SpeakOn connectors at the input to the REL sub bass system. In over 100,000 RELs in use the world over, this connector has proven itself reliable, neutral and a mechanically ideal connector for REL’s renowned High Level Input circuitry. BLUETM also features high quality spade lugs coated in gold to minimize oxidation. Should your amplifier require a bare wire connection, this is easily accommodated by manually re-terminating the individual red, black and yellow leads.   The standard high-level hookup procedure is: attach the red wire to the amplifier’s right positive speaker output terminal; attach the yellow wire to the amplifier’s left positive speaker output terminal; attach the black wire to whichever of the amplifier’s ground output terminals is convenient; plug the Speakon connector into the Sub-Bass system’s high-level input. For diagrams, more detail and alternate REL High-Level Hookup options please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
I’m in Awe.

I’m simply in awe of the fact that REL has managed to create a wireless device that preserves the sound as much as it were a wired device - bravo!


Absolutly flawless..

It just worked.. no complications, no "issues" with connectivity.
And, most importantly, no degradation of quality signal and performance to my T/i5 Sub.


100% satisfied with this product. I have no noticeable delay or audible drops. I was getting interference with my last set up, this corrected my issue, i can also hear improvements in overall performance of my sub. I would recommend.

Flexible, faultless performance

I have a challenging 'L' shaped listening room that has proved difficult to locate the subwoofer in a satisfactory position in relation to my normal listening position for home theatre and movie viewing. Whilst I could locate a more suitable position for the subwoofer in terms of a smoother response it was in practical utilising a wired connection to the .1 LFE from the AV receiver to the LFE input on the subwoofer input. I decided to purchase the REL HT-Air Wireless as it has little compression (compression gives a brittle thin sound) and much lower latency (delay) than other manufacturers offerings. Installation was so simple, quick and the transmitter and receiver units 'saw' each other straight away and have stayed connected without any dropouts.
I adjusted the Subwoofer settings to the new subwoofer position taking into account the small latency and have been enjoying both the much improved performance now provided and impressive stability and quality that is to be expected by REL.

I would also like to state that ordering direct from REL was both easy and swift along with REL offering me support should I require it.

Very impressed and highly recommended

REL Delivers a Wireless Gem !!!

I had previously purchased 2 T/Zero subs and with the high level connection, when the amplifier was turned off, it created hum. I tried the usual remedies (using the earth/ground--the RCA LFE connection, etc.), but nothing worked. I was thus forced to shut off the sub with the master switch every time--somewhat annoying and when I forgot, I was later greeted with a annoying hum.
I am happy to report that the HT-Air solved the humming issue entirely, and while it uses the low level connection, I was able to adjust the subs to a level close to the high level connection and the annoyance is gone.
The $100 price point is phenomenal. Fast response time, decent (30 foot) coverage and quality construction make this wireless connection worthy of the REL name.

Bassline Blue

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The special and unique characteristics of our filter board are known only to our engineers and within this circuit lies the key to designing cables optimized for REL Sub Bass Systems. Available in 3M, 6M, and 10M lengths. Naim amplifier compatible Bassline Blue cables available in 3M and 6M lengths.

In the interest of product development, REL Acoustics Limited reserve the right to vary these specifications without notice.