REL Acoustics Webinar

“How to Choose The Right Subwoofer for Your Room and Speakers.”

Join Our Youtube Live with John Hunter

Thursday, March 7th at 5PM PT

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Submit a Photo of Your Room!

Do you have questions about your room set up? Email us a photo of your space, and John Hunter may answer your subwoofer question during the live webinar. Here’s what you’ll need to include with your photo submission:

  1. Room size dimensions W x L x H
  2. Room photos to include all sides of the room – 360 degrees
  3. Connectivity method (wireless or wired)
  4. Name of the speakers you are using

Feel free to include any additional information on your sound system setup and send your email to

Special Note:

By submitting your photos, you are authorizing REL Acoustics to publicly display and distribute your photos during the webinar and as a Youtube Live video on Please also note that not all submissions will be selected.

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming webinar. Our team has been hard at work preparing an insightful and engaging session that we believe will provide valuable insights and practical tips. We are looking forward to connecting with you!