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Why You Should Add a Model HT to an Existing REL System

HT is designed explicitly to provide the kind of gut thumping, foundation-rattling explosive dynamics necessary for state of the art home theater. And at budget pricing. By concentrating on one specific performance attribute – high output home theater – it allows us to deliver exactly what that genre (the .1 effects channel that digital home theater demands) at a far lower cost than if we were to deliver all the various facets of excellent performance that RELs have traditionally offered. If REL has traditionally offered the all-around performance of a high end European sports car, the HT is a nitro-fueled big block dragster. Sometimes you show up at a racetrack and you need a dragster.

Upgrading an already great REL 3D theater using the new HT instantly reveals the strengths of the new range. Pure, purpose-built LFE channel bass can be delivered at crushing sound levels, adding obvious upgrades to the experience for very little money precisely because they are not tasked with delivering all the very complex difficult assignments that classic RELs must. We created HT, so that people wanting a simple, high quality home theater could have something that they could purchase and take pride in, knowing that engineers who care a very great deal about bass and take great pride in creating the finest products of their kind in the known galaxy had taken time to create something simple, affordable and high performance.

Somewhere in Heaven, Ray Dolby is Smiling Down on Us

REL 3D, How Theatre was Always SUPPOSED to Be

Rear Channel Subwoofer in REL-3D

What roles do each of the RELs play in these systems?

Today, we’re jumping into the role of the rear channel REL(s) powered subwoofer when used in a home theater REL 3-D or home theater HT-3D system. The role of Rear Channel REL subwoofers is to deliver a sense of the vastness of 3-dimensional space throughout the body of the theatre, rather than having it locked to the 2-dimensional front screen only.

Before we dive into the setup of the rear channel REL powered subwoofer, let’s revisit the difference between a REL 3-D and HT-3D system.  Conceptually, the difference is whether the system is built principally to deliver shock and awe or to resolve all of the nuance of movies PLUS deliver the effects scenes. Specifically, a HT-3D system means that all subwoofers, except for the center channel subwoofer, are Serie HT based (the center channel REL is always one that supplies High Level Input). A REL 3-D system, on the other hand, is made up entirely of REL subwoofers that offer High Level Inputs. Deciding between a REL 3-D and a HT-3D is a matter of budget constraints and the goals of the system. But in the end, the concepts we will discuss in this article apply to both types of systems.

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Dive Real Deep into REL 3D

HT Principles for Dolby Digital and THX

So, we’re diving into the deep end of the pool with a REL 3-D Theater system. Why? Because it allows us to lay out a number of basic principles that operate quite differently from the somewhat dumbed down approach that mid-fi uses to approach home theater. We build systems based largely on what a professional transfer studio or screening room would use, meaning using a best practices approach rather than a lowest common denominator approach.

Adding 3D to Theater Pt 1

Expanding to REL 3D

So most reference line arrays actually get built up in stages. The secret is to start with a stereo pair. Once you’ve absorbed that into your system, which will do wonderful things for your main speakers, it will be a huge upgrade. The second phase then is stacking the second one’s on top. May take a year, a year and a half before you have enough funds to be able to do that…

REL HT MKII and Serie T/x

A Match Designed in Heaven..

Know anyone that, in the past few years, has grown accustomed to watching an hour or more of streaming, rich video content from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Disney+? Do you know anyone who doesn’t? Me neither. Once you have your TV set up, you just need a quality sound system to complete the experience. The MKII generation of Serie HT is an affordable, ultra-powerful theatre-based subwoofers.REL has a tradition of building gorgeous subwoofers…

Adding 3D to Theater Pt 2

Expanding to HT/3D

HT/1508 Predator offers one more uniquely REL innovation. For truly over the top performance, Predators are designed to be stacked up to three (3) units high using included REL Couplers™ that connect lower units to upper units. These solid, milled aluminium couplers bolt securely to each sub and along with the substantial rails on the underside of each…

RELs Serie HT


HT/1510 Predator

HT/1510 Predator resets expectations for REL’s standard bearer, meshing perfectly into the traditional REL family. It delivers significantly increased power, improving just about everything. Predator II delivers upgraded performance.


HT/1205 MKII

HT/1205 MKII establishes a new performance standard for affordable home theatre subwoofers. In favor of properly balanced priorities; cabinets that are right-sized, with a solidly braced and beautifully finished. Bespoke and tasteful.


HT/1003 MKII

HT/1003 MKII gives insane Performance at its Size and Price. More compact, just as beautiful, it delivers identical build quality to its siblings. It’s style makes it an ideal partner in HT/3D REL theatre setups with Serie T/x.

HT/1510 Predator

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HT/1205 MKII

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HT/1003 MKII

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Why You Need a Line Array?

Let’s explore the purpose to our Line Array approach because if you haven’t heard one you might think this is just about pure power and ludicrous mode output. While you wouldn’t be wrong about their potential for massive output the true reason for owning a REL Line Array has more to do with the amazingly tactile qualities the highest end music and film sound systems aspire to.

Considering Stereo Pairs?

Sales of matched stereo pairs of REL subwoofers have increased at an incredible pace in the past year. At first blush you might think customers are suddenly demanding massively more quantities of bass. However, REL buyers are choosing this path for an entirely different reason than the norm suggests. As usual, they are listening carefully, rather than following the herd.