How to Setup and Tune a REL Subwoofer Line Array

Why You Need a Line Array

Let’s explore the purpose to our Line Array approach because, let’s face it, if you haven’t heard one you might well think this is just about pure power and ludicrous mode output. While you wouldn’t be wrong about their potential for massive output the true reason for owning a REL Line Array has more to do with all the amazingly tactile qualities the highest end music and film sound systems aspire to.

The sound quality, visual presentation and sophisticated forms these deliver elevates merely very good systems to a whole different and better-in-every-way delivery of music and film sound.

What can be even more rewarding than buying a line array, is building one over time. By starting with just one or two RELs, and adding additional subwoofers as funds permit, you can better understand what each unit in the line array brings out in your system. You’ll be amazed at every step of the journey.

Until one experiences a REL Line Array it is hard to understand the profound leap from mundane to edge of the art these afford.

The Art of Setting Up a Line Array

REL’s Chief Designer guides you step by step through his setup process to get the most out of a REL 6 pack.

Proper subwoofer placement, determining the correct phase setting, as well as individually dialing in the gain and crossover for each subwoofer individually are critical steps in optimizing the performance of a REL Line Array. Watch our in depth walkthrough that covers everything you need to know to setup a 6 pack like a pro.

Taking Bass to New Heights

It’s About More Than Just Output

One of the coolest, most desirable attributes of the new S/510 and S/812 are their ability to transform into REL Line Arrays. Now mere mortals can take on super human powers. These grand cru stacks of powerhouse RELs have previously been the exclusive domain of our Reference Line, but during the course of developing the drivers for the new S we noticed one attribute that…

The Story Behind the Stack

Why REL Developed Line Arrays

My first CES, 1981 Chicago, Illinois and I felt like a kid in a candy store—from the main floor of McCormick Center where all the big Japanese brands were showing to the Pick Congress Hotel where the best high end audio brands showed in smaller hotel rooms—it was heady stuff for a 22 year old. Prowling the lower reaches of the Pick yielded some surprise finds, including one…

Line Array Compatible RELs

Carbon Special

A new limited availability model that combines our latest engineering with cutting edge components from our reference line, all housed in a medium sized chassis.


S/812 takes REL’s medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, beauty and devastating power. 


S/510 delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance allowing those with less space to have something slightly more that works better in their room.


HT/1508 Predator™ is the standard bearer for REL’s rapidly growing home theatre-centric range of HT subs designed to emphasize exceptionally high output. 

Building up to a Line Array


So most reference line arrays actually get built up in stages. The secret is to start with a stereo pair. Once you’ve absorbed that into your system, which will do wonderful things for your main speakers, it will be a huge upgrade.The second phase then is stacking the second one’s on top. May take a year, a year and a half before you have enough funds to be able to do that…

HT/1508 Predator Line Array


HT/1508 Predator offers one more uniquely REL innovation. For truly over the top performance, Predators are designed to be stacked up to three (3) units high using included REL Couplers™ that connect lower units to upper units. These solid, milled aluminium couplers bolt securely to each sub and along with the substantial rails on the underside of each…

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Dive Real Deep Into REL 3D

So, we’re diving into the deep end of the pool with a REL 3-D Theater system. Why? Because it allows us to lay out a number of basic principles that operate quite differently from the somewhat dumbed down approach that mid-fi uses to approach home theater. We build systems based largely on what a professional transfer studio or screening room would use.

Considering Stereo Pairs?

Sales of matched stereo pairs of REL subwoofers have increased at an incredible pace in the past year. At first blush you might think customers are suddenly demanding massively more quantities of bass. However, REL buyers are choosing this path for entirely different reasons than the norm suggests. As usual, they are listening carefully, rather than following the herd.