HT-Air MKII Explained: Effortless, Stylish, Easy to Use Wireless

Upgraded, Stylish Perfect for Theatre or Music


The below text is a transcription of the video.

Hey there, John Hunter with REL here. We’re here introducing the new HT- AirMKII. We’re known throughout the industry for the quality of our wireless. It’s not something that’s easy to pull off. In this case, we’ve got a relatively affordable, beautifully constructed. This is a solid block of cast acrylic. It’s incredibly heavy for its size, beautifully machined. And it’s a full 5.8 gig wireless system. You’ll notice that we’ve got a host of simple features on here. These are designed to really be easy to work with. We’ve worked over the years to get our pairing down to a science. Out of the box, there’s a 50% chance it’ll just automatically pair, but if it doesn’t, you simply push that button, walk over to the receiver, push that button, and in an eighth of a second, you’ve got a locked light and you’ve got sound.

Very easy to use. Now, we supply this with two inputs. Why? It’s good for either two channel audio, right? So if you’re using this in a stereo application, you can run it out of your pre-amplifier into left and right here. Red being the right, white being the left. But if you’re using it for 0.1 for theater application, you only need to use one of these. So run it from your 0.1 LFE RCA out on your AVR or on your processor. Goes straight into this. Works brilliantly, locks up like that. It’s beautiful. Easy to handle. I love some of the little details on this. The base of this is really very soft, so it won’t scratch the surface it’s sitting on. And we actually have the REL Crown logo that’s been debossed into the surface of this very soft, lightweight rubber.

And for those of you with really good eyes, we have the exact same thing here. So the REL Crown logo and only that is debossed into the top surface of this as well. It’s beautiful piece. It’s intended to work with things like our HTs, really anybody’s subwoofer. These are universal. We probably sell as many again for other people subwoofers as we do with our own. They’re very, very popular. Everybody understands that ours are bulletproof. You know, we only claim about 35 feet. We test at 55 feet down an occluded hallway, meaning we’ve got things that are designed to actually diffuse and spray the sound and make it harder. And we do that test at 55 to 60 feet. So it’s a big robust signal. It’s 5.8 gigahertz. It locks up in your system and works perfectly out of the box. It’s kind of a no-brainer. If you ever wanted to have high quality wireless, you’re thinking I’ve got something like a sliding glass window behind, or door behind my subwoofer, I can’t run cables over there, this is going to be awful. Just find a sightline for this, for the transmitter, and you’re there.

August 4, 2023 - Posted in: Videos