HT/1510 Predator Tearing Down the Walls

Everyone Knows High Level is Reserved for Classic RELs. Right?


The text below is a transcription of the video

Hey, John Hunter with REL here. Late in development of the 1510, we were just checking basic functionality with wireless and of course we put an HT-Air in there and it worked great, but the performance of the 1510 is so fast, so sudden, and so resolved it really resolves to quiet better than any of the previous models we’d ever heard – and it made us wonder what would happen if we partnered it with an Airship II. We did, and not a great surprise, it’s a match made in heaven, and it has the ability to transform the 1510 from being a piece that is really just expressly a 0.1 LFE monster into a full blown REL theatre reference piece.

What do I mean by that? Theatre is designed to have all of your channels actually reproduce full range. In a perfect world your left hertz surround speaker would be capable of 20 hertz. That’s absurd. 20 hertz flat speakers are massive, but the whole premise to REL HT/3D and to REL 3D is to expand your system into being essentially a semi-pro system. One that really can get down well into the 20’s, in this case right down to 20 hertz effortlessly. And so, the Airship allows you to combine both high level and 0.1 at the same time in the 1510. It’s an incredible upgrade.

November 13, 2022 - Posted in: Sound Insights