T/9x or S/510 and Why We Make Certain Subwoofer Recommendations

If the sub isn’t faster than your speaker, then it’s holding up the parade and that’s a terrible place to be. Those of us who’ve done this for years. That’s the thing we hated the most about subwoofers as a category. They were generally so slow and sloggy that yes, they made more bass, but at what cost to the system. So you had this sort of silly sounding thing that was like, boom happening after the tweet. Everything else in the music would come first and then there would be this drunk stumbling along and you had this huge loud deep bass.


REL Acoustics S/510 Powered Subwoofer

We’ve gotten away from that. The RELs are all about speed. For example, a 510 is vastly quicker than even a T/9x and the 9/x’s are so much faster than the old T/i’s. So you can see the speed theme repeating as we get better we get faster. We also get deeper. We play louder. But the 510 has 500 Watts and that is a perfect filter that extends out and flattens the extremely deep bass. The 9/x can’t do that. You can’t do that with 300 Watts and ask it to do all these things.


So there’s about a five or six Hertz difference between how deep a 510 can go down and how deep a T/9x can go down to give that some idea of where that sits in there. Three Hertz is an entire performance class jump. We’re talking five Hertz, almost two performance class jumps going between a .9/x and a 510. That’s huge. The amount of driven surface area, a 10 and a 12 versus a 10 and a 10 driven by 500 Watts versus 300 Watts. It’s immense.


The kinds of speakers you can partner up with change completely. So what I suggest you do is take a look at what we recommend on the website. If we’ve recommended it, that’s the correct model. Go to our website, their headers up there, look underneath the tools and there’ll be one for speaker partnering and go through that. Put your speakers in or one that’s very similar to it. We don’t put all the various brands there must be, you know, 2000 speaker brands out there these days.


But if it’s a high quality, six and a half inch, double six in a medium-sized floorstander find something else that’s very similar and plug that in, and you’ll see if we recommend a 510, to 2 T/9x is not the same thing as one S/510. If we say the best piece is for a single 510 and if you have the budget or you get into a larger room, do a pair, do that. There’s a huge jump off between those two. And we’re really, really careful when we put those recommendations in senior staff have listened to them many times in many different kinds of rooms.

September 20, 2021 - Posted in: Sound Insights