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Hi, John Hunter here with our latest new piece called the Tzero MKiii. This is the entry level in RELs that offer high level input as well as 0.1 and low-level  input. It’s a great little piece. It’s not intended to be a be all end all for every room, every situation, but it’s a fantastic small subwoofer. It will fill small and medium sized rooms really nicely. It is not something that will blow the walls down, let’s be very, very clear about that, but a great piece. 


It’s a hundred watt class D amplifier driving  a brand new six and a half inch down firing driver. It’s quite powerful actually, and the entirety of the driver is aluminum that’s been anodized, very thickly on both sides to quiet things down a bit.

It’s a great little piece. It’s not terribly expensive. And it’s so tiny and cute. It fits anywhere. We have people setting these things under their desks, for example, hooked up to computer based systems. 


Other people have a small bookshelf speaker and they just needed something to fill it out, and it just does a lovely job of that, particularly in high level.

So a hundred Watts, six and a half inch long stroke driver, big thick, well damped cabinets. It’s just beautifully finished like all RELs. 

This is a great piece that we’re actually really proud of. At these price points, what it delivers for its size is an absolutely remarkable event. There is a wireless option that’s available separately called the HT air works well. It will give you .1 or even low level, but cannot give you the high level input. 


It’s a 5.8 ghz piece that does just a brilliant job of delivering very uncompressed wireless. 

So the amplifier in the MKiii is distinguished by different offsets. We have different limiter values, so even though it’s a hundred watt and the same hundred watt unit, we’re able to extract just a little bit more. The limiters, allow more power.

We did this 10 years ago originally, and as we’ve gotten better and learn more, we’re able to define exactly where the limits of the piece are. So this piece will play considerably louder and go a little bit deeper than the original Tzero. 


So the driver on the MKiii is a really significant improvement on the original version. We use a full skin of aluminum. So it’s a black anodized piece that is quite stiff straight over the paper cone. And you wind up with something that is much more concussive, much more powerful sounding, and has almost no weight penalty to speak of. 

So while it may not be the most expensive, in fact, it’s the least expensive it has a full connectivity suite. 


So we have a full high level input. We also offer a single low level input, as well as a 0.1 LFE input. We have separate volume and crossover controls, and we also have a separate gain control just for the 0.1. So if you’ve got a little system, for example, a 2.1 with a big flat panel television this is a great piece for that. 


So the T zero, even though it’s not terribly expensive, we still build these just like we do the larger ones. Just scaled down a bit. So this is three quarter inch MDF it’s glued and braced exactly like our bigger ones. Very quiet. It’s quite heavy for its size, still as eight coats of lacquer on it.

Still, everything that you see on here that looks like aluminium is. If you’ve got a flat or apartment, maybe you’re using it in a small library, something like that, it’s a fantastic piece for that application.

Learn more about how this subwoofer is able to provide reference level performance in a modestly sized cabinet as well as the inspiration behind the design embellishment REL’s special edition products have become famous for.  

September 25, 2020 - Posted in: Product Videos, Videos