One Customer’s Experience

How a 212/SX transformed their system, uplifting every aspect of performance

Nothing makes us happier than when we’re able to help someone take their system to the next level.

When this customer was told he could have a sub that would change the scale by which he measured his system, he couldn’t resist and was more than impressed with the results. Read their story below.

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Powerful, Sublime Perfection in Sub Bass Performance

About a month ago I decided to trade up to the latest REL offering I believed to be the most suitable solution to replace my 18 month old SHO-S/5. The REL site in fact pointed me to its successor, the new S/510. REL referred me to a local dealer/installer in my market and we arranged for a home consultation prior to settling on this solution.

Once in my home, this dealer impressed me immediately as among the most knowledgeable authorities on sub bass I’d ever encountered. The dealer suggested that I “raise the scale “ by which I typically “measure” products – from “1-10” to “1-15” and posited, “What if I could prove to you that there is a higher level than 10? Would you be interested in transcending your highest expectations?” The answer of course was, “OK, tell me more.”

After my education I took the plunge and pulled the trigger on this 212/SX, and all I can say is, WOW! It’s been about 6 days since installation and this REL has completely transformed my system. I like to use the word “uplifting,” in describing the experience because this 212/SX is EMOTIONALLY uplifting just as it literally (sonically) uplifts the mids and the highs in the music spectrum.

Sub bass is the core foundation in any good system, without which the mid range and and upper end frequencies cannot be be properly supported/revealed. But with the amazing performance of the 212/SX I am now hearing an audible level of detail, transparency and sound staging I’d not previously heard before the integration of this sub into my system. Every note from low to high seems to revel in the musical dance in a way I’ve never heard before. I can honestly say that no other component has so transformed my system more so than this 212/SX. And it’s not even fully broken in.

Finally I would just ad that it’s great REL has chosen excellent partners like my dealer here in my market to contribute to this most positive experience by engaging me in a way to expand my view of what’s possible. What’s possible with the 212/SX is truly remarkable, and I can’t recommend this sub highly enough.

System Components
  • Main Speakers: Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum
  • Subwoofer: REL Acoustics 212/SX
  • Preamplifier: Bryston BP-17³
  • Amplifier: Krell Duo 300 XD

September 11, 2020 - Posted in: Reconsider