What HiFi and home theater applications are perfect for a T/5i?


Hi, John Hunter here. We’re talking about the T/5i and ideal applications for this. We want to make sure that you’re buying the right product for your application. This is probably one of my favorite products of all time, and it’s certainly one of the bestselling RELs in history. It’s, as you can see, not a large piece.

It’s quite compact. It’s available in beautiful piano, black lacquer, and it’s also available in my personal favorite, the white lacquer.


It’s really designed to work with everyday speakers and rooms that we run into all the time out there in the real world. A typical six and a half inch, two way, perhaps on bookshelves or on stands.

Oftentimes they’re used as 2.1 systems flanking a good size flat panel television of some sort, and it just provides this ease and this drive to everything in the music. It’s rich and full. It blends with speakers perfectly. It uses the same filters that we use in some of our much more expensive pieces.

It’s got a very robust power supply in a unit that we very, very casually rate at 125 Watts, but I can assure you the amp is quite a bit larger than that.


It’s very quick, it’s very pistonic, it tends to drive rooms very evenly. It’s a fantastic piece for medium sized rooms. If you have what I would consider a normal living room for a normal sized house, and you’re not asking it to play at absolutely insane cacophonous levels it’s just about the perfect sample for most people.

March 5, 2020 - Posted in: Sound Insights