What should you do if your subwoofer sits unevenly or vibrates on hard floors?


There are plenty of times when you’re placing a sub on something other than a nice, soft, balanced carpet. You’ve got tile floor, you’ve got stone flooring, you’ve got uneven hardwood flooring, and whenever that happens, first of all, a couple of things, the REL is really under a lot of vibrational stress, right? And so if it’s on a rigid surface, you wind up having things that can chatter, and gradually begins to move away.


So this is something, and it’s generically referred to as blue tack. This particular brand is called Hang Tack. It’s available through various internet sources, or look in an art supply store if you’ve got one in your area. It typically cost $5 to $7. They’re not terribly expensive. This, I can assure you, is a lifetime supply.


So what you wind up doing is you establish what rocking modes are happening with the subwoofer for if it’s moving, it’s usually moving from corner to corner and ascertain which of those corners is actually hanging down the most. It’ll usually be inclined a little bit one way or another, and what you do is you tear off a chunk from one of these pieces of blue tack, wad it up into a little round ball like this, and what you wind up doing is sticking it on the underside of the one that’s hanging a little lower. It’ll help sort of level the piece as well, and then just gently push down on it.


And what that will have the effect of doing is flattening it out and coupling it with the floor and it becomes really stable. Fine to put it on both of them, no issues. It’s useful for all kinds of things for, um, taking speakers, smaller speakers. Honestly. Dan, how do you get them to be secure? If your child runs by and bumps it even a little bit and they’re not secured to the stand, the whole thing can fall over and it can do some pretty serious damage to that little one’s foot. This is a cool little trick called blue tack works really, really well.

December 26, 2019 - Posted in: Q & A With John Hunter, Videos