Announcing the Transformation of Serie S

Nothing less than a complete and total transformation, these new Serie S represent the biggest leap in performance in the long and storied tradition of REL’s mid-sized class.

Numerous upgrades can be found inside and out, beginning with beautiful new cabinetry contrasted by subtle gunmetal grey badging that sleekens and modernizes, emphasizing horizontal linearity and reducing visual mass. The replacement of feet with ultra-stable rails cantilevers the main cabinet forward allowing it to seemingly float in space. These new designs –lower, wider, and deeper-–reveal proportions that derive from our reference portfolio.

More Power = Richer Theatre and Music: On S/812 power has been upgraded some 60% courtesy of the NextGen 5 amplifier first used in the 212/SE, electronically limited to 800 watts with peaks north of 1,000 watts. S/510’s power amplifier has been upgraded to the NextGen 3 amp previously used in our outgoing flagship and now features a full 500 watt monoblock design. The increased power is needed to handle the special filters first used in our new HT/1508, custom versions of which now tailor the .1/LFE channel of new Serie S. These filters result in almost twice the output below 40 Hz. For our High Level and Low Level Inputs, a new design called PerfectFilter™ has been developed for our music-driven High Level input resulting in a more musically natural performance with more air and openness throughout your entire system.

Drive Hard: The ultra-lightweight driver first found in the original Serie S has been upgraded with rear mounted carbon fibre bracing that stiffens and quiets the cone almost 60%. Overall, the effect is of a far larger, more powerful performer for music and theatre. Meanwhile, improved speed, delicacy and precision has been achieved in the musical realm with improved filtering and control through the application of gentler filtering. The result is a new category of subwoofer that combines the best of both worlds. Powerful and extremely flat, extended deep bass and mid-to-upper bass performance that guarantees the finest mating of sub to speaker with clarity throughout the upper ranges of music.

Stand and Deliver: Finally, these are the first medium chassis RELs designed to be stackable, up to three (3) units high per side. Special fixtures and (included) metal plates allow these models to be stacked up to three-high safely and remain locked together. This feature will open up REL line arrays to a new audience at about half the price of our Reference Line Arrays.

We have overlooked nothing, have approached every detail as fresh, with a singular focus on improving every possible aspect of performance and design. New S, a transformative reinvention of REL.

September 3, 2019 - Posted in: News, Principles of Sound