The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift For Theater Mavens

2 Alternatives To Socks And Ties

Be honest, you probably have enough ties in your drawer to keep you happy and well-dressed for a couple of years; maybe a lifetime. Surely, you don’t need another spatula with the emblem of your favorite sports team laser-cut into the surface, nor even a new terry cloth covered seat cover for your riding mower.

No sir, this Father’s Day, it might be time to drop a few hints that what Dad would really like (even if he has to lump his birthday and gifts from future holidays together to make this happen) is that which transforms a mere receiver and some random speakers into true Home Theater, with a capital H and a capital T. To be blunt, home theater pretty much doesn’t exist until a serious subwoofer enters the system. But drop a real Mother of God subwoofer in and life gets interesting really quickly.

The good news is that our brand new Home Theater range (Serie HT in shorthand) is set to break the category open and it arrives just in time for Father’s Day 2018. The better news? At the prices we are charging, few Dad’s will be left behind. It turns out that delivering really huge, dynamic theater bass isn’t all that difficult, nor need it be terribly expensive. If we can eliminate all the truly difficult qualities necessary to keep up with state of the art speakers used in a really high quality music system where the sonic cues are grounded infallibly in music, we can deliver a LOT of bass for a very reasonable sum.

These new HT’s–we are offering an all-new 12” with 500 watt model called the HT/1205 and a slightly more compact model called the HT/1003 featuring (you guessed it) a 10” driver coupled to a 300 watt amp. Both versions simply get after it. For serious REL devotees, adding one or more to punch up the .1/LFE track in a blockbuster will transform your theater experience into, well, a blockbuster experience. Or perhaps that’s more accurately a bunker buster. You get the idea.

Elsewhere, we will publish specs and all manner of details about these remarkable new pure theater subs; the first such in our almost three decades designing the world’s finest subwoofers. We won’t belabor the details here. There is no High Level filter because there’s no need. This is pure .1/LFE done to the standard of a Hollywood screening room or a medium-sized post production studio. Fast, deep, concussive bass delivered in beautifully designed, purposeful-looking cabinets because, well, you’re still working up the budget for a true screening room and the living room might have to do double-duty for a little longer. So why not have them look great? Big, but not too much so, good looking but not too pretty and absolutely shedloads of power because yes-sir, that is what God and Ray Dolby told us we need to do to deliver uncompressed, rich theater bass.

Now, go put on a tie and come down to dinner. Because, all of a sudden, there’s a whole new reason to appreciate being a father warming up in the home theater.

June 8, 2018 - Posted in: Reconsider, System Thinking