Before Connecting a REL


The correct placement of your REL can drastically enhance its performance and transform your listening experience. Every room is different, in terms of size, material used in constructions, and reflectivity These factors make up the acoustics qualities of your room. As sound is being played through the REL, low frequency waves travel throughout the room bouncing of materials and the walls.  The distance and angle of the REL to the wall can greatly impact the way these low frequency waves travel around the room and reach your ear. Essentially, the room is an instrument itself and the REL like your speakers needs to be tuned to the room.

When possible, the REL should be placed in one of the corners behind the speakers. Remember, we are dealing with true LOW bass pressurization with RELs. Low bass pressurization below 40Hz is best derived from corner placement, where the most linear and efficient low bass can beproduced because the subwoofer is able to take advantage of the tangential (corner-to-corner) axis which is typically the longest axis in a room.

For more information on placement for multiple RELs or other configurations check out our REL placement tool.

July 30, 2015 - Posted in: How-To