How to Connect A REL

Connecting To McIntosh Quad-Balanced Amplifiers


This installment deals with connecting REL subs to McIntosh Labs Quad Balanced Monoblocks: McIntosh Quad Balanced Monoblocks (1.2KW/MC601/MC2301/MC301), remember to always use 2 REL subs for mono blocks—1 per channel. When doing so, please combine red and yellow leads together to form a single composite “+” or “hot” conductor as shown in the diagram below. Do not connect the black wire to the output terminals. Instead connect it to a chassis bolt as shown below.

We do not recommend use of a single REL with ANY brand of monoblock amplifier as it is possible to observe slight channel-to-channel dc offset that can result in mild oscillation. For any monoblock, we recommend use of stereo pairs of the appropriate model of REL sub. If you are unsure, please contact us directly.

McIntosh Labs and Quad Balanced are trademarks of McIintosh Labs/World of McIntosh. Any reference to these trademarks in this communication is strictly in the educational interests of the high end audio industry and is limited to furthering the safe use of its products when used with partnering REL subs.

July 23, 2015 - Posted in: Connection Guides, How-To