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£1,299 £1,149

The job of any range topper for REL is to deliver more of everything, particularly output & dynamics. The 9x is no different in this regard, delivering the goods for both music & theatre.



£999 £899

T/7x is the perfect answer for the real world. It is powerful enough to easily answer most needs and balanced enough to blend beautifully with many of the higher quality speakers out there.



£699 £619

T/5x makes remarkable bass far beyond its size. Floor-firing is part of its secret; bass energy strikes the floor & spreads uniformly throughout the room making it perform like a larger model.



£449 £399

Tzero MKIII is every bit a true REL, just smaller. It enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass by bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite along with an all-new aluminum cone that provides much greater stiffness to the driver for punch and a powerful, reliable Class D amplifier, all at an attractive price point and size. Ideal for apartments, flats, studies, anywhere space is limited.

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Awards & Reviews

T/9x is highly recommended by AV Forums

“When you get it out of the box the superior build quality, attractive design and gorgeous finish provides an immediate feeling of luxury. It’s not all looks either, and this discreetly-compact subwoofer does an awful lot with its 10-inch driver, 10-inch passive radiator and 300W of Class A/B power.”

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HiFi + thinks the T/7x is “the sub to beat right now” and named it a product of the year

“The speed of the Serie T/7x is its outstanding feature. Few do bass depth and bass speed like this subwoofer at anything like the same price, and for that alone it deserves very high praise because that means the REL sub can keep up with fast musical transients played through equally fast and reactive loudspeakers.”

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Audiograde Awarded the T/5x with best subwoofer of 2021

“The T/5x is a fabulous little subwoofer that grabs your attention for the sheer musical joy and engagement it brings to music. It represents one of the most effective upgrades I’ve heard to enhancing an audio system’s performance at the price.”

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Tzero MKIII wins Outstanding Product Award From HiFi and Music Source

“I have always felt a subwoofer points to a deficiency in the main pair of speakers, this, again, is not the case. I feel as if the subwoofer makes speakers more efficient and in the case of these two REL Tzero MKIIIs they are supporting the soundstage handsomely, without becoming too overbearing.”