REL T-Zero Hi-Fi+ Recommended

One of the last subwoofers we looked at was the REL T-Zero. In fact, we looked at two of them. This year, the company subtly changed the T-Zero. So subtly you’d hardly notice at first glance. So subtly in fact that I didn’t notice the difference at first and got really stroppy about the magazine reviewing the same thing twice. Sometimes it pays to be at least a little bit observant.

OK, I could be forgiven for having a bit of  hissy fit because from the outside at least there seems to be no difference between T-Zero and T-Zero V2. The cabinet is the same tiny little thing, available in glossy black or white, it sits on four feet, has a REL badge on the top, and some controls at the rear that look functionally identical to what went before. Closer inspection reveals the change to a down-firing 165mm longthrow alloy cone where before there was a doped paper cone. Otherwise, everything else is functionally identical, including the 100W Class D and the rear control panel.

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