Codell Audio

Codell Audio has been committed to dealing with customers in an honest and straightforward manner since 1972. We specialize in high fidelity audio, home theatre, multi-room audio systems as well as home automation, HD and 4K definition televisions.

It’s well documented that music improves our mood and quality of life. The product lines we therefore offer have been chosen for their particular ability to convey the heart and soul that is present in all styles of music. But product quality alone does not guarantee musical bliss. Careful attention must be paid to the synergy between each component in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction from a system. This is where our vast knowledge and experience help us achieve perfect component integration in order to maximize the system’s full musical potential. It is also very important for us to offer you products that we ourselves would be excited to use in our own home.

8220 Devonshire Rd.
Mont-Royal, Quebec, H4P 2P7

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