Tzero (Discontinued)

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Tzero enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass, bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite, long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers to a new lower price point and dimension.

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Miracle In Miniature

100% REL, Just Smaller

Tzero is, in many ways, the most difficult design we have ever executed because never before have we delivered so much for so little. 5 coats of lacquer, as in all Serie T/i, next generation Class D amplifiers, High level inputs, .1 separate input stages, rugged 6.5” main driver with exceptional output and low bass extension for its size means Tzero gives up little to much larger units from the competitors. Tzero is a miracle in miniature.


So Much, In So Little

Compact Power & Finesse

Tzero is built using a super stiff cabinet construction that drives the resonant frequency higher so it is more easily damped by our instrument-grade bracing. We utilized 5 full coats of lacquer, and solid aluminium feet and badging because REL owners understand quality must extend throughout a product, not just in the most obvious locations. And its diminutive scale allows it to all-but-hide among the furnishings in your home.


Outsized Performance

Bass Beyond Its Size

At REL every clean sheet design begins by defining and designing the best bass engine for a given application. While the long throw 6.5” is our smallest-to-date, but make no mistake it is powerful and articulate, able to fill medium-sized rooms effortlessly. Have a much larger space? Distribute them throughout for an unobtrusive spacious presentation of music and film sound.


Brains & Brawn

Right Sized Power & Control

Though Tzero is REL’s entry level, that doesn’t mean it can’t punch far above its weight class. 100W high current watts from a NextGen Class D amp means it holds its head high and is capable of delivering many years of satisfying performance. Includes a full REL connectivity suite, fast 8ms delay filter set and our famed High Level Input as well as a .1/LFE input.

Customer Reviews

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REL Tzero - How Does It Sound

The unit is being used in a very tiny and oddly shaped room. There is
only one Tzero, as the only other corner is too small to accommodate a
stereo pair and the room is small enough for one to be sufficient.

The corner where it is located is to the left and is on a diagonal
which stretches into an entryway into the next room where a short wall
forms another corner, so it is on the longest diagonal in the room, and
on the side where it will do the most good in orchestral music.

I followed the setup directions, and it all happened as described. It
was easy to locate the position where it locked into the room. It was
left in that position and played for about 15 hours a day for the next
three days.

During that time, it would play louder and louder each day. The final
settings reduced the crossover point to about the 10:00 position and
boosted the level to about the 11:15 position.

The unit blends smoothly with the main speakers which are a pair of
magnetic ribbon planar loudspeakers. You have to be about 2 feet or so
from the corner where the Tzero is located to detect whether it is
playing or not. The stereo image of someone playing a string bass
positioned on the right does not shift the instrument's apparent
position as the notes played go lower, so I think the integration was
successful. About 4 days total to reach the final settings. After
that, just sit back and enjoy.

The most positive thing about the Tzero is that now music is richer and
fuller at lower volume levels. So, all in all, I am extremely pleased
with its performance. And it's about the smallest subwoofer that will
fit in this room, so I'm glad I discovered it.

Small to medium size room? Get this and don't look back.

Excellent small sub.

The positive reviews are correct

I paired this with my KEF LS50 speakers in a 12x12 room. It's fantastic. It rounds out the sound without overwhelming or muddling things. It's become something "you don't even know is there," but, I assure you, once added to your system, it'd be missed immediately if taken away. Easy set-up. Great purchase.


excellent tight bass, constuction quality as good as it gets.

REL Performs Amazing

I recently purchased the new Technics SBC 700s-2 way coaxial speakers. Felt a need to compliment the lower frequency with a sub. All my searching led to the REL.
Once set up correctly, and take your time to do this, it is seemless. The music takes on more warmth and body. it is one of those audiophile purchases that lends itself to endless fine tuning if you desire.
But the advantage is it goes to my speaker outs on my integrated, so the sub receives the "identical" signal as my bookshelf Technics. A nice compliment to either bookshelfs of floor standing speakers with limited lower frequency.

Tzero (Discontinued)

Suggested Retail: $449 $249

Tzero enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass, bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite, long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers to a new lower price point and dimension.

In the interest of product development, REL Acoustics Limited reserve the right to vary these specifications without notice.