How To Connect A REL

Connecting Low Level To Active Speakers, a TV, or Single REL with Monoblocks

Standard Low Level Connection Method

Low-level connection (via RCA connectors) is always an option if high-level connection is not possible. When connecting to the low-level inputs in a system in which high-level connection is not possible, such as if using internally-amplified speakers, connect left and right RC cables between the LOW LEVEL INPUT jacks of the REL and the left and right channel outputs of your preamplifier.

Monoblocks (1 REL) Connection Method

It is not recommended to use the High Level cable when connecting a single REL. To achieve stereo input to your REL you will need to use the Low Level input. Please see our Low Level input guide.

July 23, 2015 - Posted in: Connection Guides, How-To