R-528 Special Edition


528SE is borne from the fusion of the power and devastating speed of the legendary G-1 and uses the identical 12″ carbon fibre bass engine from this model. Featuring a full 2-inch stroke, this powerful engine imbues 528SE with lightning fast reflexes, immense power and yet a subtle tactility that is usually the reserved for pure reference products.

To handle all this capacity, a special generation of REL’s famed filter networks was developed by our engineering staff. This crossover is unique to 528SE and permits the immense bass engine to survive in such tight confines, while exploring all the potential this combination can offer.

The result is a model possessed of many of the reference grade Gibraltar qualities including immense output, but in a compact form.


528SE is a true Special Edition with a production quantity that will be limited to several hundred units during its life. To add an extra sense of rarity, our design team worked closely with metallurgists to create a special alloy of chromium that allows us to deposit triple-layer chrome directly over aluminium for the feet, all three lateral badges, and the proud top plate-badge. Doing so ensures crispness of detail without rounding over edges or softening our legendary metalwork. The resulting bright work sets new aesthetic standards for a sub-bass system.

Naturally, only our premier paint artists are allowed to create SE cabinets leaving a depth and luster that only 8 coats of lacquer–hand-rubbed, naturally–can produce.

As a special benefit, every production run will allow for a select few piano WHITE lacquer units to be produced. These models are extra rare and will, in most instances, be special order units even in major markets.


Destined for an exclusive run of just several hundred, SE will become a point of pride for the few owners savvy enough to collect one of these units. The simple realities of excessively difficult bright work eliminate any chance of SE becoming a standard item in the future. Whilst standard REL models use an alpha-numeric numbering sequence that permits replication of series runs each month, SE will use a special direct numerical sequence that assigns sequential serial numbering. Thus, the investor can be assured that should they purchase, say, #149, no other unit with that serial number will ever exist.