Flawless integration on display at Sound & Vision – The Bristol Show

212:SEWe’ve paired our 212/SE with Harbeth Super HL5+ and the sound is superb. More importantly it beautifully showcases what we’ve been experiencing all along; flawless integration– absolutely beat perfect with LongBow Zero Compression Wireless feeding the 212SE while the Harbeth main speakers are hard wired.

The Harbeth Super HL5+ loudspeaker is sitting on a mechanical decoupler mounted on top of 212/SE. To prove just how fast and well integrated RELs are, we took away any excuse, quite literally pairing the two unites — it sounds like one very fast coherent speaker system (212/SE with Harbeth speakers) because it is.

If we didn’t give 212/SE enough of a challenge, we are connected wirelessly using REL LongBow Zero Compression Wireless, which should place the 212/SE at a disadvantage and yet it is pinpoint perfect for timing and focus.

Experience 212/SE and LongBow for yourself, visit us at the Bristol Show.



Friday 26th – Sunday 28th February 

The UK’s largest consumer Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Show
– 29 Years and counting
– 190 Brands on show

URL www.bristolshow.co.uk

Live Show News www.bristolshow.co.uk/news

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th February 2016

Marriott City Centre Hotel, Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

Opening times
10 a.m. – 5 p.m. every day (sales desks until 5.30 p.m.)

Passive Display



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